YLIA – innovative manufacturer in the metal processing industry. The company owns specialised production facilities in Puławy and Białystok as well as a research and development office in Warsaw.

The task of THIS Studio consisted in developing a comprehensive brand strategy and marketing positioning for the company, inventing its name, mission and vision and then, designing a brand logo. One of the next steps involved designing a comprehensive identity system and the website.

Case study
HIS Studio was invited for cooperation at the early stage of shaping the concept of the company by its owners. In this way, we have become responsible both for questions concerning the development of the YLIA commercialisation concept as well as its positioning, name and leading idea.

The YLIA company’s objective is to offer complex technological processes in the very heart of Europe as a counter-offer for the services provided by Chinese entities. The ideas are being realised within an extremely short production cycle with the use of latest numerical technologies enabling the manufacturing of products based on such materials as aluminium, steel, titanium, plastics, graphene and other.