Cooperation with Glassworks “Edwanex”

THIS has started strategic cooperation with Glassworks “Edwanex”. THIS has performed their industrial design auditing, which was reflected in design strategy presentation for the glassworks. The most important elements outcoming form the auditing process are: rebranding “Edwanex” brand, product catalogue reorganizing, commercialisation processes (including international sales) support.

THIS has also performed industrial design support and communication processes. As the outcome of this cooperation the unique bottles for premium alcohols were designed, web page was created and also international fare exposition design.

Edwanex glassworks is a family company already 40 years on polish market. Edwanex produces high quality glass for packaging and for home design purposes. They use old traditional methods of glass production with modern and flexible cooperation models with their international clients. B2B activities of Edwanex are of high quality and product safety.